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Old Ursuline Convent

Old Ursuline Convent: Our most recommended tours and activities

New Orleans: French Quarter Haunted Ghost Tour

1. New Orleans: French Quarter Haunted Ghost Tour

Listen to stories of witchcraft and keep watch for spirits on a guided city walking tour of New Orleans. Explore the historical French Quarter, as you indulge in stories of magic, ghosts, vampires, and voodoo practitioners from your expert guide. Travel to several of the city's venerated neighborhoods, soaking up stories about the witches, ghosts, vampires, and Voodoo practitioners who have contributed to the city's colorful past. Meet your local guide and set off on a journey through New Orleans’ haunted history. Pass outside well-known sites such as Muriel’s Restaurant and the Old Ursuline Convent. See the exterior of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, where bloodletting and leeching took place in the 19th century. From the outside, see the house where Jacques Saint Germain — who was rumored to be a vampire — once lived. Plus, hear chilling tales of LaLaurie House and its mistress, Madame LaLaurie. Let your guide entertain you with local folklore as you continue past the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. The final stop of your activity is outside Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar, where your spooky experience will end.

New Orleans: French Quarter Sightseeing Carriage Ride

2. New Orleans: French Quarter Sightseeing Carriage Ride

Discover the French Quarter of New Orleans on a traditional mule-drawn carriage ride. Admire sights like Napoleon House, the French Market, and Bourbon Street. Hear about local culture and facinating historical anecdotes from your guide. Learn the basics of New Orleans's history as you travel in style around its vibrant streets. Discover fascinating anecdotes about the people and places that have contributed to making New Orleans truly unique and unforgettable from your licensed local guide. See French Quarter sights like the Saint Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, Napoleon House, the French Market, and Bourbon Street. Ride through the Faubourg Marigny with its unique architecture and live music venues. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that group carriage tours travel at a leisurely pace. Choose from a private or shared carriage tour depending on which option you book as you enjoy a day out to remember in a horse and cart.

New Orleans: Five-in-One City Walking Tour

3. New Orleans: Five-in-One City Walking Tour

This five-in-one tour combines elements of the following tours: the St. Louis Cemetery Tour, the French Quarter Ghost and Vampire Tour, the New Orleans History Tour, the History and Architecture Tour and The "Dark Side" Voodoo, Mystery and Paranormal Tour.  This walking tour starts in the heart of the French Quarter. From there, explore Louisiana's complex culture, rich history and Voodoo, and experience the magical mystery that makes the city so irresistible! Notice the beautiful architecture throughout the French Quarter that makes it so unique. This tour will visit locations where Hollywood Stars have decided to call the French Quarter home along with locations where scenes from unforgettable movies have been filmed. But wait there is more! Have you ever wondered why New Orleans is considered the most haunted city in America? Explore the "Dark Side" of New Orleans history on this tour. This tour will visit multiple locations of unsolved murders and suicides. Hear real documented reports of vampires and ghosts roaming around the streets of the French Quarter and visit locations where vampires supposedly held their victims and fed off of them! Learn about New Orleans traditional burial practices and how they are different from most. The tour guide will explain to guests why New Orleans has above ground cemetery's and why by tradition for centuries the same vaults have been, and continue to be, recycled and re-used over and over again. This tour stops at many attractions and National Historic Landmarks that this city has offer! Visit over 15 locations during this tour such as The St Louis Cathedral, Cabildo, Presbytere, Ursuline Convent, Jackson Square, The Sultans Palace, and The Lalaurie Mansion known to be the most haunted house in New Orleans!

New Orleans: Voodoo, Mystery and Paranormal Tour

4. New Orleans: Voodoo, Mystery and Paranormal Tour

Experience one of the most haunted cities in America on a walking tour that explores the Big Easy’s infamous dark side. Explore and investigate areas like the French Quarter with paranormal equipment alongside licensed tour guides, historians, and professional storytellers. At the start of your tour, your guide will provide an EMF meter or ghost/paranormal detector during the tour. Visit over 15 different locations, including St. Louis Cathedral, St. Anthony's Garden, and The Cabildo, the former seat of the colonial government. Discover locations of unsolved murders and suicides and get the facts about real, documented reports of vampires and ghosts. See where vampires held their victims and learn about the traditional burial practices of New Orleans. Go to The Presbytere to admire one of the best examples of colonial Spanish architecture, see the Old Ursuline Convent, Jackson Square, and the Sultan's Palace, where legend has it a mass murder took place. Stop at many of the National Historic Landmarks that the city has to offer. See the most haunted house in New Orleans at the Lalaurie Mansion and learn about the so-called Mistress of Death. As you roam the streets of the French Quarter and other areas, make stops along the way to optionally buy drinks to enjoy during the tour (cost not included).

New Orleans: Movie and TV Show Tour

5. New Orleans: Movie and TV Show Tour

You will have discovered NCIS: New Orleans, The Originals, Your Honor, Runaway Jury, The Big Easy, and even The Simpsons within the first fifteen minutes. This walking tour takes you to filming locations of popular productions. Relive your favorite movies and shows while experiencing the historic French Quarter and stand in the footsteps of your beloved actors and actresses. The tour begins at 400 Royal Street at the steps of the Supreme Court Building, across the road from Brennan's Restaurant. We will walk down Chartres Street from the Napoleon House Restaurant, cross Jackson Square, and reach the Old Ursuline Convent. We loop back up Royal Street at the city's most haunted house, the LaLaurie Mansion, and finish the tour at the St. Louis Cathedral in the middle of the French Quarter. Our list of film productions also includes: AHS: Coven, Interview with the Vampire, Chef, Now You See Me, Princess and the Frog, Live and Let Die, King Creole, Girls Trip, The Pelican Brief, JFK, Haunted Mansion, The Cincinnati Kid, Renfield, The First 48, celebrity homes, and many more.

New Orleans: 1.5-Hour Vampire Tour of the French Quarter

6. New Orleans: 1.5-Hour Vampire Tour of the French Quarter

New Orleans has been the backdrop for famous writers such as Anne Rice, as well as others who have created blood-sucking fictional characters. This 1.5-hour tour takes you to the dark and mysterious world of the city’s undead and tells you chilling stories of scandalous acts pulled from city police reports, archives, diaries, and newspaper interviews. This is no vampire work of fiction; this is the real deal. As you walk through the streets you will visit various locations associated with these creatures of the night, including a trip to a noted vampire tavern. It is a thrilling and chilling, yet fun-packed, creep through the antebellum streets of the French Quarter by dusk. You can trust to your expert and theatrical guide to protect you from the bloodthirsty creatures of the night. But you might like to bring some garlic – just in case.

New Orleans: Spooky Ghost and Haunted Pub Crawl Tour

7. New Orleans: Spooky Ghost and Haunted Pub Crawl Tour

Get Ready to Party! This Scary Tour and Haunted Pub Crawl will be a blast. New Orleans is the most Haunted city in America. The spirits of the dead roam around the streets of the French Quarter and Marigny Neighborhood at night. This tour will take you the most visited ghost locations, and stop at 3 haunted bars. Along the way, your guide will share with you the horrendous stories of over 300 years of the dead. Guests will meet at the Old U.S Mint. From there, we will see sites like the Madam Delphine Lalaurie's Haunted House based on the "American Horror Story" series, John Lafitte's Haunted Pirate Bar, The Dragon's Den (Home of Aleister Crowley the Satanist), Madam John's Legacy, MRB Brothel (resting place of Mary the Beauty), the most haunted hotel in America The Andrew Jackson Hotel, Old Ursuline Convent (Home of the Casket girls) and many more. Along the way we'll stop for drinks, and 1 Drink or Shot is Included in the guides Party bag! Other things to note... Bring your camera to catch ghost Apparition and orbs!

New Orleans Cocktails, History, Voodoo & Paranormal Tour

8. New Orleans Cocktails, History, Voodoo & Paranormal Tour

The ultimate combination of booze & nefarious history, this tea-spilling tour reveals the truth behind New Orleans sketchy history. Think pirates, convicted felons, and ladies of the night, and that only just scratches the surface! Overall, this boozy-and-fascinating city exploration is the perfect way to let one's hair down, throw a few drinks down, and get to know the legendary French Quarter. How cool is that? Drink your way through one of the oldest, most cultured and historic neighborhoods in the United States on this innovative, interactive tour. A real EMF Meter - Ghost/Paranormal Detector will be used during this tour to add the the entertainment for our guests. Learn how New Orleans has developed into the magnificent city that it is today from a knowledgeable local guide. Boozers, history buffs, and paranormal enthusiasts alike are sure to have a blast on the drunk history of New Orleans walking tour, surely a memorable experience. The tour will center around the city of New Orleans past and present true crime. New Orleans rich history, complex culture, cuisine, and architecture that makes New Orleans so unique. During the tour route guests will also see where Hollywood Stars have decided to call home in the French Quarter and where unforgettable movies have been filmed as they pass by and we will ensure that our guests do not miss a thing. Learn stories of Cajun superstitions and Louisiana folklore, myths and legends that have been told for centuries pertaining to the city's voodoo, ghosts and vampires. The tour will cover over an abundance locations including National Historic Landmarks, Jackson Square: The St. Louis Cathedral, The Cabildo,  The Presbytere, St Anthony's Garden,  The Ursuline Convent, and The LaLaurie Mansion known to be the most haunted house in New Orleans. Visit the Sultans Palace, A gorgeous mansion where the largest mass murder took place in New Orleans this crime still remains unsolved to date. Visit one of the locations and dig into the gory details regarding that of the tragic 2006 murder suicide that took place in the French Quarter. The story of Zach and Addie is one of the most infamous murders in New Orleans' history, the story of Zach and Addie is indeed one of heartbreak. This tour is full of true crime stories from the founding of New Orleans with the infamous Pirates, Prostitutes, felons! With all this tragedy we understand you may need an adult beverage to listen to this intense experience after all this tour takes you to the exact locations where these horrific crimes took place. We welcome you to join us. We love our city. We have an interest in true crime and we hope that we can share our city with you. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or concerns.

New Orleans: Historic French Quarter Exploration Game

9. New Orleans: Historic French Quarter Exploration Game

Explore the history of New Orleans’ French Quarter and see landmarks while playing this engaging phone game. Discover St. Louis Cathedral, Café du Monde, Jackson Square, and more. Start the game at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. Play the role of a security guard on a mission to retrieve a stolen artwork from the thief. As you solve challenges, the story will unfold and directions on your phone will guide you to the next location.  It will take between 2-3 hours but you should explore at your own pace: simply pause the game and resume when you want from the location where you paused it.  You can play on your own, in a large group, or in several smaller groups that compete against each other before meeting at the final stop of the game, Central Grocery and Deli.

New Orleans: Real Witchcraft, Voodoo, and Ghost Tour

10. New Orleans: Real Witchcraft, Voodoo, and Ghost Tour

Explore the French Quarter with a local occult researcher and Voodoo practitioner, who will walk you through the dark and fascinating history of Louisiana's most magical and deadly city, and learn about how Voodoo and Witchcraft have shaped New Orleans since it's founding. You'll get to take a stab at photographing one of the French Quarter's most famous ghosts, see the infamous Lalaurie Mansion (the most haunted house in New Orleans) up close, and visit a real temple where rituals are performed regularly... See sights along the way like Muriel's Jackson Square, New Orleans, St. Louis Cathedral, Voodoo Authentica, and Lalaurie Mansion. Your experience will end in one of the French Quarter's beautiful hidden courtyards, where you'll be able to participate in casting a powerful group spell!

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This was the first time my partner and I visited NOLA and taking this tour was one of our highlights of our trip! NOLA is filled with rich history and if you are interested in learning more about the spooky history we HIGHLY recommend booking this tour with Sarah D. I mistakenly bought VIP tickets which meant I paid a few dollars extra for tickets but the group was much smaller and it was adults only- it was 100% worth it! Sarah is an incredible storyteller, she made it fun yet provided so much knowledge given the topic and just had a way of captivating everyone’s attention (including my partner’s which is no easy task)! Overall this tour was a great way to see and learn about the city. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll do a lot of walking and book the tour with Sarah D you will not regret it!

Robbie rob, very good and comical! Much recommended if you want to learn about the history of New Orleans, thank you from the uk

Mac is a fantastic tour guide, my fiancé and I really enjoyed our experience. A must do when visiting NOLA!

Our tour guide, Rob was an excellent story teller and did well keeping the crowd engaged.

Dartania was a great and thoughtful guide, we really loved our tour