Van Gogh Village Nuenen - Vincentre

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In the middle of beuatiful woodland and lovely rural landscapes sets Nuenen. The surrounding were an inspiration to Vincent van Gogh when he lived in Nuenen between 1883 and 1885. Here he produced his world famous painting 'The Potato Eaters'. The world of Vincent van Gogh and his work comes to life in museum Vincentre. As you walk through the Vincentre you will see how the palette of colours, that later made him so famous, had its origins in Nuenen. Hear inhabitants of the day talk about him and Nuenen. In some ways Nuenen is an 'Outdoor museum' with plenty of attractive locatiens. No fewer then 21 buildings and rural scenes are directly associated with Van Gogh's stay here. After expieriencing the Vincentre you can walk or cycle around Nuenen and its surroundings. Special information columns and route will tell you all you want to know about the places he painted.

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